Current position

Former positions

  • (07/2013 - 07/2014) - Junior pre-graduate research engineer at Airbus France
    • Mathematical modeling for acoustics

Research interests                                                                                                                               

  • Reduced order modeling for nonlinear PDEs:
    • Nonlinear heat transfer problems
    • Proper orthogonal decomposition
    • Reduced basis methods
    • Greedy algorithms 
  • Reduced order modeling for variational inequalities:
    • Contact mechanics
    • Nonlinear constraints
    • Reduced basis methods
    • Greedy algorithms 
  • Data assimilation:
    • Parametrized-Background Data-Weak approach
    • Reducing sensors in transient heat transfer problems
  • Port-Reduced Reduced-Basis Component methods (PR-RBC):
    • Nonlinear problems
    • Incompressible flows
    • Navier-Stokes equations
    • Applications to water flow in rivers and canals

Industrial collaborations 

  • EDF R&D
  • ARO


  • AB, V. Ehrlacher, A. Ern and S. Meunier, A progressive reduced basis/empirical interpolation method for nonlinear parabolic problems, SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 40(5), A2930--A2955 (2018) [pdf , copyright SIAM]
  • AB, A. Ern and V. Ehrlacher. A reduced basis method for parametrized variational inequalities applied to contact mechanics, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 121(6):1170–1197 (2020). [pdf]
  • AB. A time-dependent Parametrized Background Data-Weak approach (accepted by Springer, 2020) [pdf]
  • AB. An inexpensive offline stage for data-assimilation problems (submitted) [pdf]

Conference talks

  • Reduced order modeling for nonlinear heat transfer
    • Workshop Industry & Mathematics (Paris, France, November 2016).
    • MODRED 2017 (Odense, Danemark, January 2017) [Slides]
  • PREIM (Progressive RB-EIM) for nonlinear PDEs
    • ENUMATH 2017 (Voss, Norway, September 2017) [Slides]
    • MORTech 2017 (Sevilla, Spain, November 2017) [Slides]
    • MoRePaS 2018 (Nantes, France, April 2018) [Poster]
  • Reduced basis methods for variational inequalities
    • GDR AMORE 2018 (Paris, France, November 2018)
    • COUPLED 2019 (Sitges, Spain, June 2019) [Slides]
    • Mathematics of Reduced Order Models (Providence, USA, February 2020) [Slides]
  • Model reduction with data assimilation
    • ENUMATH 2019 (Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands, October 2019) [Slides]
  •  PR-RBC for linear and nonlinear incompressible fluid flows
    • ​​Mathematics of Reduced Order Models (Providence, USA, March 2020)

Teaching activities

  • Arithmetics and cryptography basics at University Pierre et Marie Curie: [webpage]
  • Training session at EDF R&D on the industrial model reduction software developed during the thesis
  • Supervision of a Master's thesis on applied model reduction to industrial valves at EDF R&D
  • Hands-on session on model reduction at University Mohamed 6 Polytechnique [Assignment]